Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vegetarian Lasagna

My roommate and I had been talking about making lasagna forever. I mean, why not? It's delicious (I feel like I'm always calling things delicious... I need to come up with some new adjectives). So. We made some lasagna. A vegetarian lasagna. And for my first ever attempt at making a lasagna, I've got to say, it went pretty well. As always you can make any tweaks. One I'll recommend right off the bat is, if you like saucy lasagnas, add more sauce. This was in no way, shape or form super saucy. I personally don't really love sauce and I maybe would even add a little more next time. Other than that you could do anything like add meat (ground beef or whatever you like). There are always a wide variety of ways you can go with your vegetables too (as always, we used what we had on hand).

Vegetable Lasagna

1 box of lasagna noodles... minus two noodles. (don't ask)... Ok if you must know, we broke up two of the noodles for the avocado pasta just to make sure we had enough.
~ 1 tsp. minced garlic
~ 1/2 tsp. dried basil
~ 3 c. cheese of your choice (we just used shredded pizza cheese)
~ 1/4 c. mushrooms
~ 1/2 c. fresh basil
1 can tomato sauce (I don't know how many ounces, it was the bigger one though... maybe 16 oz? You can use whatever your favorite sauce is.)

**These are all approximate, I didn't actually measure anything. And like I said before, I recommend more sauce. Add some meat or other veggies too, if you want!**

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Step One: Pour your sauce in a pan and heat at about medium. Add in garlic and basil (and anything else you want, or don't do this at all if you already have another sauce). You want to get this bubbling, then just turn it to low.

Step Two: Cook the lasagana noodles (we cooked ours all the way so we only had to get the cheese melted in the oven).

Step Three: Put a layer of noodles in your greased pan.

Step Four: Cover noodles with a layer of sauce and cheese (you can add meat, veggies or whatever else you might have here).

Step Five: Layer with noodles again. Add another layer of sauce and cheese (and any other desired ingredients). This is where we added mushrooms and started with the basil (because we didn't have much).

Step Six: Add the last layer of noodles, sauce and cheese (and whatever else you may have or want).

Step Seven: Pop this bad boy in the oven and wait for that cheese to melt! (About 15 minutes or so).

Take out and enjoy.

Yum yum yummmmmm! I think that our first lasagna turned out pretty dang good! It tasted delicious, and it was pretty easy to make too. I always thought that making lasagna took foreeeeeever. Maybe it was frozen? Or maybe you really aren't supposed to cook the noodles so much... then cook it longer with meat and stuff... I have no idea I'm no lasagna expert. But I liked doing it this way because it was fast. And I was really hungry... And even if I were to be adding meat I think that I would cook it first too, and then cook the same way. I'm just rambling now. Go make yourself some lasagna so you can contemplate the best ways to prepare it too :) P.S. Another ramble... I think what I like most about this (and about almost everything I cook) is that you can go any direction; meat, no meat; veggies, no veggies; red sauce, white sauce, pesto sauce! Endless possibilities! Anyway. Get to cookin' and figure out what you like best! Leave a comment and let me know how it goes :)

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